Sash Success rate

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    • Sash Success rate

      Hello I have a question and i was curious is this for real or is this a joke?
      I used about like 700 dr (like long time ago) (I kept record) and like so much time saving up to make a few other flawed sash rates to improve my 18% one to a higher % and i estimate around at least 7 sashes I used I bought frm players, malled or used the yellow one and made custom and tried to improve the 18% one and clearly all of them failed..

      Is upgrading sash a joke or is it just luck isnt on my side? at 18% which is relatively low IMO should the success rate be a bit higher? I mean ive seen other metin videos they make like 20%-22% in like 2-4 sashes
      Mowyaa RahmseeeYummdeeee ahhhhhhhh~~ ahhhhhhh~~ AHHHHHHHHH~~
    • I have tried upgrading my 19% sash 6 or 7 times and its till 19%. In beta server I tried making my sash to 25% and that took me 50 tries or something like that (unlike you I didn't keep record). There are many others complaining about the success rate of improving custom sashes (11% and above).

      And yea those programmers are evil... Finding some innocent targets and doing stuff like that... Deleting system32 would help a bit but just to be safe I'd recommend to also install windows twice to get system64. That runs much faster and smoother.