Get rid of the chat block

    • Get rid of the chat block

      Get rid of chat block.. I find it ridiculous why?? because of the many statements..

      One time I said to a friend Hello, How are you> *Chat blocked*
      Next statement I said I am from Australia but I am *my nationality* resulted in *chatblocked*

      What the hell is this?? why am i chatblocked for this statements are they rude or meaningful or degrading or what??

      Please get rid of this chat block thing maybe the server implemented it because of like spam bots and stuff like that but anthor hasnt had any so far but if there was.. we have block system we can use them to block spambots if there were any but so far since ive been on this server there hasnt been any so can you please get rid of chat block

      Thanks.. I'm sure this is a good idea..
      Mowyaa RahmseeeYummdeeee ahhhhhhhh~~ ahhhhhhh~~ AHHHHHHHHH~~
    • Saying "metin today" also causes the 24h chatblock :D You can avoid it by changing map or ch so its not that bad but what if we haven't seen any spam bots because of this annoying thing still exists? :thinknoidea: But anyway +1 to remo+ving it. If all of a sudden we get a lot of spambots they can put it back :P Not that it's THAT annoying... :cheesydunno:
    • Omfg.. I am being chatblocked on every channel , I just sent soemone did you see the metin2 trailer 2017 *chatblocked* in every channel


      Is this suggestion being taken in consideration or what? No team member has replied or said something back.. In regards to the suggestion that chat block is to be removed..
      Mowyaa RahmseeeYummdeeee ahhhhhhhh~~ ahhhhhhh~~ AHHHHHHHHH~~