New Pet System

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    • Usually in that case it is all luck sometimes every 5 levels it grows it increases by 0.1-0.6 for hp, for defense it increases for every 7 lvls and sp every 4 levels between the same rate of 0.1-0.6 andit can also increase % every 6 lvls for hp (0.1-0.9) and sp (0.1-0.7) in some pets and every 8 levls for defense between (0.1-0.6)
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    • you shouldn't worry too much at level 1 when u level it up and it increases HP, SP and DEF by alot then thats when its good :D btw other then those stats that make a pet good being able to learn (2) or (3) skills is needed as well :D and last very long too :D

      P.S the way i see a good pet is if it has very high % of hp, (3) skills and lasts very long so you don't have to frequently feed it protein snack :D
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    • Jacky pretty much already said everything but here is a bit longer explanation :thumbsup:

      It doesn't really matter at lv1 :D Sometimes a pet that has 0.1% hp at lv1 is better than a pet that has 2% hp at lv1 :D for example - pet A has 0.1%hp at lv1 and grows by 0.6 every 5lvls and pet B has 2% hp at lv1 and grows by 0.1 every 5 lvls. At lv40: pet A has 4.9%hp and pet B has 2.8%hp and at lv80 pet A has 9.7%hp while B would have only 3.6%

      And hp/sp/def isn't the only thing you have to worry about. If a pet has only 1 skill I wouldn't keep it even if it has perfect stats. Even tho if you don't intend to lvl the pet past lv81 (or simply can't cuz your own lvl is too low) then you could keep a pet like that :D

      My pet priorities are:
      1) skills (if (3) skills - good; if (2) skills - if good stats can be kept; if (1) skill - utter garbage => food for other pets)
      2) hp (the more hp the better (obviously lol))
      3) duration (here as well: more = better)
      Sp is almost always high so can ignore that and def doesn't really matter so can ignore that too xD but maybe that's just me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      And to answer the original question - at lv1 max hp can be 2.something (german wiki says 2.3%) and about sp/def cant tell cuz never paid attention to that :D
    • i would think that after a couple of years this would be a bit more clear by now, lets sum it up then, based on HP, that's what matter anyway

      "Regular" pets level hp each 5 levels
      Type A: hp goes up 0.2 or 0.3
      Type B: hp goes up 0.3 or 0.4
      Type C: hp goes up 0.5 or 0.6

      Irregular pets level hp each 6 levels
      Type A: hp goes up 0.1-0.5
      Type B: hp goes up 0.1-0.7
      Type C: hp goes up 0.1-0.9

      Other important considerations, taking for example. razador that is specialist on berserker skill this means it can have berserker 11-14% (at level 105). Only the 2 type C pets will have the berserker at 14% the other types will have 11%

      Last but probably the most important, if you age a pet, keep feeding and not let it die, when he levels the hp will increase more arround 0.1 per each 100 days, so imagine a regular type C pet with 200 days will raise 0.7-.0.8 hp every 5 levels

      So to sum it up
      Open eggs, discard all the eggs that don't have the ammount of skills you want
      The remaining eggs level them to level 5, discard all the eggs that leveled 0.2 0.3 and 0.4
      The eggs that leveled 0.5 and 0.6 are the best pet you can find and you should age it to level later

      The eggs that didn't level on level 5 are irregular and will level at level 6, i personally don't like the irregular ones, you can be lucky a few times and level 0.8 and 0.9 but then it levels 0.1 a couple of times ina row and it's ruined, so, it's up to you if you want to alocate time and resources into these kind of pets, just know that you need some luck to arrive at the end with a good pet

      Final note, this is the "tutorial" on how to get the best pet, this is by no means easy, especially if you are aiming for a regular type c with 3 skills, it can easilly take more than 100 eggs to get 1 of these, obviously you can also be lucky and get it from the 1st pet, but if you go down this path, you need to know you are looking for something quite rare, and i'm completling discarding duration and the start HP, having requirements on those just makes it even harder to get one.

      edit:also don't expect 3 skills on monkeys

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