Constant Disconnection and Game Crashing

    • Constant Disconnection and Game Crashing

      I have had so many disconnection issues.. with this game.. In the middle of farming and destroying a metin i estimate about 4 times.. the game crashed with alot of ????????? and then a second tab of ??????? and when Im in the middle of running a DT about 4x times again.. on the 5th floor few times and even earleir in the middle of DT... Pretty much I lost what I created especially when I do DTs and I cannot go back to the floor I just progressed to and I have restart the whole DT run again...

      By the way this issue started since after the last weeks maintenance, So I kinda find that issues always arise after every maintenance usually so for this I would kind of suggest that it should happen once a fortnight

      Is anyone else experiencing this issue or is it just me (the crashing issues with the alot of ???????)
      Mowyaa RahmseeeYummdeeee ahhhhhhhh~~ ahhhhhhh~~ AHHHHHHHHH~~

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    • Not in the past few months but I simply get a crash where the client closes without any error messages. I guess when its a useful bug it gets an instant fix but those bugs that are annoying and make it harder to play are just left there and need weeks (if not months) to get fixed...

      But just report it and make a ticket and hope it get's fixed :D that's pretty much the only thing you can do about it :stick:
    • the question mark error is fixed

      ymir was the one that fixed errors for z8 metin, the same way that it is ymir that fixes the errors now

      Daydream about z8 all you want, it would wait exactly the same for the same developer as any other publisher does

      z8 metin closed, probably because it was so awsome...

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