Summer, Steampunk, Sunshine

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    • Summer, Steampunk, Sunshine

      Dear players,

      You’re going to need to keep a cool head as Metin2 really turns up the heat!
      Starting 26th May 10:00 CET, we’ve got our hot Summer Event lined up for you!

      Summer Event:
      Collect Ice Cream Scoops to cool down after raging battles and exchange them for a Black Horse from our cute NPC Summer.

      Cool Kit for Hot Days:
      Let off some steam on your enemies in fantastic Steampunk costumes. You can find them in our item shop for a short time only!

      No Mirage:
      You’ll feel like Lawrence of Arabia riding into battle on the back of a Black or Brown Battle Tulu – pick up your very own ship of the desert in the item shop!
      Also get your hands on a Nazar Amulet and enjoy protection from your enemies’ evil eye under the watchful gaze of Fatima, with boosts such as +50% EXP, +30% physical and magic damage or +20 attack speed.

      More details on the Summer Event:
      ● Characters above level 30 can take part
      ● Loot Ice Cream Scoops from monsters and exchange them for a variety of rewards from the NPC Summer
      ● You can receive a Crystal Bowl from Summer once per day
      ● You can receive exactly one Black Horse during the event. The more Ice Cream Scoops you exchange, the longer the mount’s duration
      ● The Cool Box which Summer offers in exchange for an Ice Cream Cake contains one of many great items such as Magic Iron Ore, Magic Copper Ore, Enchant Item, Pearls, Skill Books and much much more!
    • Summer side events (all times are CET):

      27.05 - Green Ebony box 21:00-03:00;
      28.05 - 50% exp 20:00 - 04:00;
      31.05 - Muffin drop - brown 22:00-02:00;
      03.06 - Blue ebony box 21:00-03:00;
      05.06 - 100% exp 20:00 - 04:00;
      07.06 - 15% Item drop 22:00-02:00;
      10.06 - Moonlight box (metins and bosses) 21:00-03:00;
      11.06 - Red ebony box 21:00-03:00;
      13.06 - Muffin drop - blue 22:00-02:00;
      15.06 - 15% yang drop 22:00-02:00;
      17.06 - Purple Ebony box 21:00-03:00;
      18.06 - Moonlight box (metins and bosses) 21:00-03:00;
      21.06 - 15% Item drop 22:00-02:00;
      24.06 - 75% exp 20:00 - 04:00;
      25.06 - Red Ebony box 21:00-03:00;