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    • @Lulzor
      1) First of all the things you pointed out some of it shows your ignorance and lack of logic.. and I explained your issues and I addressed them..
      2) Yess your knowledge of this game has nothing to do with my videos but if you don't know what you're saying can you like zip?
      3) That song was used in another video of metin2 so I got the idea of using that song.
      4) Clearly you didn't get the point.. Any reasonable player would know that what I said in relation to your fourth point is pretty much correct. in this game the pvp system, everyones skills and attacks are the same.. body vs body skills are gonna come in contact the same way how could you not get that so what is your definition of unique? this is metin2.. this isn't world of warcraft or any other mmorpg.. If I want to use spin first or any other skills I can is there anything that can stop me? are you seriously implying that I am using someone elses fighting technique? have you seen other metin videos? there are other players that do that too its metin.. so if I constantly use dash first like everyone else does whos fighting technique is this? see clearly what you are saying doesn't make sense.. there are little ways to be unique everyone spams their skills and hack and slash attacks to win and even to pvm.. so please be reasonable
      5) Specially from you, I wouldn't take in consider what you say but I just address yours cause clearly yours are hilarious and shows your ignorance of the game.
      6) You attacked me when I was near Seon-Pyeong cause I was waiting patiently for the time to turn in my bio jewelery, if you killed me and I didn't revive in time I would've had to run all the way back which takes a long time to get there from jinno and you'd have to make me waste time running back there and anyway why did u have to bother me? what did i do to you?
      7) The video was simply made for fun.. people enjoy it some people don't and like I said look if you don't enjoy my videos then simply don't waste your time and watch them..
      8. Lastly didn't I speak to you in game? I advised you that you should be mindful of what you say or make fun of towards people as you don't know if people can take it to heart. You will probably say but others insult me too that would be because you are not respectful towards others thats why they would retaliate I am never bad or rude towards others in game unless they are towards me like some people but suprisingly they don't bother me anymore cause I settled a score with all of them

      Oh yea where is the example of a 'wow' video?
      Mowyaa RahmseeeYummdeeee ahhhhhhhh~~ ahhhhhhh~~ AHHHHHHHHH~~
    • you really should learn how to take criticism towards your videos, and to your fighing technique

      Anyway, enough of these walls of text with pointlesss going back and forth, if you want to continue this discussion, you will do it using the PM system and not the this thread

      NEVER share your Game or Forum Account Credentials with ANYONE

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    • Nice videos overall but I would suggest ya need to get a better video editing software then video may look a bit more appealing and also there are more features in better video editing softwares

      But Overall nice I enjoy them especially the mixtapes :D

      p.s just ignore that acalulzor hes just a douchebag

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    • The one I currently use is fine tbh people who use better ones for metin are the ones who crop the video to hide the top left bar and the hp bar in pvp haha but still good suggestion i will take that into consideration.
      Thanks for watching! :D
      Mowyaa RahmseeeYummdeeee ahhhhhhhh~~ ahhhhhhh~~ AHHHHHHHHH~~