Heroes Event

    • Heroes Event

      Dear community,

      On 10.05.2017 14:00 the “Heroes event” will start and will last until further notice (all times are CET).

      Everyone above level 30 can take part. A scroll for a quest will appear automatically and send you to talk to the NPC "Yu-Hwan". He will tell you to find five pieces of a medal which drop randomly from killed monsters. Once you found all five pieces you can trade them for special items with "Yu-Hwan". For the first trade you will receive the "Hero Medal" which a duration of 24 hours and the following bonuses:

      • +50% EXP
      • +30% Damage
      • +20% Casting speed
      • +20% Attack speed
      • +10% Max. HP
      • +10% Max. MP

      Also with the first trade you will receive the "Box of Milon" on a male character or the "Box of Athene" on a female character. Both boxes, same as the "Hero Medal" can only be obtained once with trading your first five pieces of the medal.

      The "Box of Milon" and the "Box of Athene" can contain one of the following items:

      • Blue Pearl
      • Blood-Red Pearl
      • White Pearl
      • Zen Bean
      • Concentrated Reading
      • Medal of the Dragon (5x)
      • Sun Elixir (S)
      • Moon Elixir (S)
      • Pomegranate Juice (15x)
      • Reinforce Item
      • Enchant Item
      • Shiriken+
      • Snake Tail+
      • Bear Gall
      • Unknown Medicine+
      • Magic Copper Ore
      • Magic Iron Ore
      • Blessing Marble
      • one of the Olympic Hairdos (Pompoms)
        (lycans will not be able to use them)
      Every other trade after the first trade gets you the "Box of Triumph". This one you can receive as often as you can find 5 pieces of the medal and trade it with the NPC.

      The "Box of Triumph" can contain one of the following items:

      • Bear Gall
      • Blue Potions (S / M / G)
      • Escape's Cape
      • Facial Cream
      • Sage Kings Glove
      • Skein
      • Lucy's Ring
      • Orc Tooth
      • Red Potions (S / M / G)
      • Snake Tail+
      • Ornamental Hairpin
      • Pig Nose
      • Blessing Scroll
      • Scorpion Needle
      • Scorpion Claw
      • Tiger Hide
      • Wolf Fur
      • Wolf Fur+
      • Zen Bean
      • Broken China
      • 30.000 EXP
      • 50.000 EXP
      • 70.000 EXP
      • 100.000 EXP
      We hope you enjoy it!

      Your Metin2 Team
    • Dear players,

      We are aware of the issue with the 2nd hero medal and to be able to answer to all your reports and give you time to get the medal, we are going to extend the event until 23:59.
      If you didn’t send ticket about this issue, please do it so until 14:00 CET today.
      All tickets after that time won’t have their quest fixed.
      Please make sure you open the scroll before you try to deliver the medals to NPC.

      Your Metin2 Team