Christmas Event 2016

    • Christmas Event 2016

      Dear players,

      as every year Christmas Event is closing in. From 01.12.2016 12:00 CET Santa will visit the realms to grant you Christmas Gift Boxes in exchange for 5 Socks each. As you might remember, you got to visit Santa to collect a baby reindeer pet Bambi (2h duration) and six Eggnog buff foods to start the quest for socks. Prepared that way, you can collect socks with active Bambi pet and bring them back to Santa – or sell them for 500 yang to the NPC. Santa will grant you Christmas Gift Boxes in exchange. Eggnogs and Bambi pets can be taken from Santa on a daily basis.

      But that’s not all! This year the Okey Cards are returning! By defeating monsters you will collect Okey Cards, once you collected 24 Cards, you automatically receive an Okey Card Set. From then on you are allowed to play the minigame.

      The goal is to get a combination of sets and runs. A set consists of three cards with the same number (e.g. 7, 7, 7). The lower the number on the cards, the fewer points you'll earn for the set.

      A run consists of at least three consecutive cards (e.g. 6, 7, 8 ). The lower the number on the cards, the fewer points you'll earn for the set. Runs in the same color will earn more points than multicolored runs.

      Game Instructions

      1. Left-click on the deck to reveal the first 5 cards.
      2. Earn points by selecting 3 cards. (NOTE: Left-click = select card, right-click = permanently discard card)
      3. The more points you earn by the end of the game, the better your prize.


      4. You can pause your game at any time by pressing ESC. Changing map or teleporting will end the current game!
      5. Once discarded, cards cannot be restored, so think carefully before deciding!
      6. Cancelled games will NOT be refunded! Choose where you want to play your game wisely.

      To start the Game click on the minigame icon shown ingame next to minimap.

      Minigame start window opens. Secure Game option is activated.

      When Secure Mode is activated, you will have to confirm every time you want to discard a card. We added this option to prevent user from accidentally removing cards. Players can choose if they want this or not. Just remove the setting before start.

      Before you can start the game, make sure you have 30.000 Yang and 1 Card Set in your inventory.

      After clicking on “Yes” Minigame window opens. Click on the card set (left-click) to open the first 5 cards. The first 5 cards are open and you can begin to put 3 cards in the game or discard cards to open new from your remaining cards. In Secure Mode window shows “Do you really want to discard this card?”.

      Put 3 cards in the game (here 3 Cards with value "8" = Success!) you get score points. All points will be calculated to a total score and define the price.

      That’s it. Have fun playing! Try to get the highest score and get some awesome rewards.

      Highscore? Yes, there is a highscore running for the complete event, where each player has a additional chance to win further boxes. The Highscore is viewable on the NPC “Okey Table” next to Santa, and of course on the official website. Highscore rewards can be collected after the event has ended. Player can also check the content of the boxes at the “Okey Table”, which is available for 7 days after the event has ended. Be aware that the rewards are only there as long as the event lasts. Once the event is over, not redeemed or opened rewards disappear! And you really would hate to miss this cutie:

      We hope you’ll enjoy the new challenge.

      Metin2 Team
    • Dear players,

      time for the Okey event draws closed with each passing day.
      As many of you have noticed, we’ve already announced that the event will look a bit different this year and we’d like to take opportunity to provide you with more detailed information regarding those changes.
      Based on the feedback from the last year and on the internal analysis, we found that the event was really unbalanced, therefore, the following changes were done.
      The most important change will happen with the drop rate of the cards. To make it fair and at the same time challenging, to all players, the drop rate is now directly tied with the difficulty of the enemy you are fighting.
      Difficult enemies will reward you with cards more often and easier ones will not provide so many cards as before.

      Okey Card Sets and Okey Card fragments are not tradable.

      We hope you will enjoy this event and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback regarding it.

      Metin2 Team.
    • Dear players,

      based on your feedback and after conducting an analysis of our logs, we’ve improved the drop rate of the Okey event cards.
      Chances of receiving a card from monsters were raised significantly. We hope you'll enjoy!
      Still the old rule does apply: higher ranked monsters would have higher chance of card drop (For example, if you slay a “Boss”, you’d have 5 times higher chance of getting a card than if you slay a rank 1 monster).
      Once again we are looking forward for your feedback.

      Metin2 team.