Important information regarding account security

    • Important information regarding account security

      Dear players,

      due to recent scam incidents we like to give you some basic hints about preventive measures you should take into consideration:

      • before you start to barter with someone from your guild, write to that player in guild chat and demand this player to answer in guild chat
      • if you have access to a TS-server, do only trade when both players are online there and can talk directly to each other. Both players should confirm there that both see a trade window, and only then move any items to that trade window.
      • if you are trading with friends from your friend list, open a private chat to your friend and do the trade chat there.
      • always check if the one who is asking you for items is really the person he/she pretends to be! You can never be careful enough.

      You are free to share those hints with your friends.

      "If there is no competition, there is no progress."

      NEVER share your Game or Forum Account Credentials with ANYONE